Tyre Buying Guide

Apr 17,2020

Tyres may just look black, round and rubbery, but there are various different aspects that need to be taken into consideration when buying a new tyre. Tyres can have a huge impact on your vehicle’s performance, from stopping distance to grip and handling on wet roads. 

Longbridge Tyres have put together a handy tyre buying guide on the various different factors you need to consider when purchasing new tyres.

6 Tips for Buying New Tyres

1. Check the size, speed and load rating

Nobody knows their tyre size off by heart, luckily vehicle registration checkers are linked to the DVLA which means that your vehicle details, including tyre size, can easily be found. Simply enter your vehicle registration and a suitably sized tyre will appear. Alternatively, you can check on the current tyres on your vehicle to verify it has pulled up the right size for your car.

2. Two are better than one

When purchasing tyres, there are a number of reasons why buying them as a pair is better than just replacing one singularly. The main reasons are for balance, stability and even wear. On your vehicle, the front two tyres are fitted to the same axle; this means that if one tread depth is more than the other, they will be off-balance. This could leave you with an uneven and unstable drive, causing much larger issues and an unpredictable or uncontrollable drive.

We always recommend making sure that tyres on the same axle are the same size and brand with the same tread pattern and ratings.

3. OE fitment

Original Equipment, or OE fitment, is a term coined to describe a premium tyre brand that has optimised the tyre for the needs of a particular vehicle. Manufacturers will always recommend purchasing an OE tyre as they will have been finely tuned to a particular car. It is worth checking whether your warranty becomes invalid if you purchase a different tyre to an OE one.

4. EU tyre ratings

Tyre ratings have been compulsory to display on tyres sold since 2012. The labelling system lets buyers know what the tyre’s fuel efficiency is, as well as the wet grip and noise performance. We explained tyre rating labels in our previous blog post.

5. The time of year matters

Depending on whether you are buying new tyres for winter or summer months, there is a significant difference and effect that these tyres have on the handling of your vehicle. Summer tyres provide effective grip and handling on both wet and dry roads in warmer conditions. But, in recent years, there has been an increase in winter tyre sales. Winter tyres can improve the handling and control of a vehicle in wet, dry or icy conditions (below 7 degrees).

6. Budget, mid-range or premium

Price plays a big factor in decision-making when it comes to purchasing new tyres. Premium brands offer a new tyre that delivers perfection, expertise due to the money and time poured into its manufacture. While mid-range tyres offer a middle of the road alternative that offers good performance and wear compared to more budget-friendly brands. Whilst a budget tyre mimics the styling and pattern of more premium brands but its quality is checked and manufactured in a much shorter span of time. When deciding between the three choices (premium, mid-range or budget) it is important to look into the compounds and quality of rubber used. As this is what affects stopping distance and the lifespan of the tyre.


If you’re interested in purchasing new tyres, whether for performance reasons or because you need a new set fitting, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Longbridge Tyres today. Call us on 0121 457 7582, alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.

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