Are Part Worn Tyres Worth the Gamble?

Jan 15,2020

Part worn tyres may seem like an initial bargain and money saver for car owners, but they come with some real risks. For those that are unaware, part worn tyres are second hand tyres that have been removed from cars and then resold. Generally speaking, buying part worn tyres is considered a risky business and false economy.

In a previous blog we explored whether part worn tyres are safe to use, today we’d like to focus upon why some people may decide to purchase part worn tyres over new tyres. Drivers should be extra cautious when considering buying used or part worn tyres, making sure that the tyres are tested and compliant with legal tyre regulations for driving in the UK. Without further ado, let’s explore whether part worn tyres are a great money saver or just a risky gamble.

Why Buy Part Worn Tyres?

The main reason why car owners purchase part worn tyres is because they are a cheap alternative, and cost significantly less than new big brand names. As we all know with many things in life, cheap does not always equal quality, and in this case, it does not guarantee safety and comes with real risk. Buying part worn tyres, especially if your car is older and seen better days, has the potential to be an accident in the making. Is it worth the risk just to save some pennies? Also, it is worth remembering that if you buy a second hand car and don’t replace the tyres, you are effectively buying and using part worn tyres. 

Still Considering it? Here’s What to Look Out For:

If you are considering, and want to buy a part worn tyre, here are the things to look out for:

  • Cracking in the sidewalls or tread
  • Unsafe repairs
  • Look out for objects such as nails and screws in the tyre
  • Check for bulges or lumps in the tyre
  • Check the tread depth and look for uneven wear
  • Check the tyre carcass inside and out for any damage

It is always advisable to buy from a reputable tyre seller and find out about the history of the tyre. If you are set on buying part worn tyres, it is also recommended you buy them in pairs, as this will ensure the tyres on each axle of the car match. But, if you are in any doubt about the quality, condition, safety or history of the tyres, don’t buy them; it’s not worth the risk.

The Danger of Buying Part Worn Tyres

We have touched upon this already, but one of the biggest disadvantages and dangers of buying part worn tyres is safety. These tyres typically have less tread depth compared with a brand new tyre. Part worn tyres generate less grip, particularly when wet, which means your car will have less traction. This means less cornering and braking grip.

Also, part worn tyres will not last as long as brand new tyres. Often you’ll have to replace them more regularly, so although the savings seem less at first, in the long run you’ll be spending more on replacement tyres. Part worn tyres can threaten your road safety and negatively affect the vehicle’s performance. They can affect your energy-efficiency, road noise, and safety on the roads. All car tyres in the UK must meet certain standards of road safety, relating to the condition of the rubber and tread depth. It is important and a legal requirement to make sure tyres adhere to these regulations and laws.

Are They Worth the Risk?

When purchasing part worn tyres, there are no real assurances and guarantees that they are completely safe and compliant with road safety and vehicle regulations.

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