Your Guide to Performance Tyres

Jun 9,2022

Is it time for you to get new tyres for your car? For most drivers, that means getting a new set of all season tyres, like the ones that originally came on your car. All season tyres have many benefits, but you may be looking into getting performance tyres for your sports or other premium car. Here is your quick guide to performance tyres!

What is a performance tyre?

Performance tyres are specifically designed to improve grip, increase handling and traction. They are designed for sports cars and other premium cars. These cars are typically driven at higher speeds and the performance tyres are wider, providing better stability, better braking distances and helping the car to stick to the road when cornering. They play a very important role in delivering an exhilarating driving experience.

Performance tyres have unique tread patterns, construction features, a softer compound which in turn allows for better handling, precise steering and enhanced responsiveness.

What are the differences between performance and all season tyres?

All season tyres are pretty standard with any car that you buy. They are built for the average driver and the rubber compounds mean they are engineered for longer tread wear. They are reliably safe in most weather conditions due to their moderate tread depth. All season tyres are manufactured in a range of sizes and ratings. Generally speaking, they will fit nearly every vehicle on the road and are one size fits all kind of tyre. All-season tyres come in a range of prices and are often what consumers want.

Performance tyres on the other hand, have much more grip and a larger rubber footprint compared to all season tyres. They have more dense and shallower tread depth which puts more rubber on the road, allowing for more torque to be delivered to the road. The design and engineering of performance tyres allow for better control than all season tyres. However, performance tyres are not great on ice or snow due to their tread design and rubber compound- so beware of this!

Are performance tires good in the rain?

Performance tyres are optimised to provide excellent road grip in hot, damp or heavy rain conditions. The rubber compound contains sticky additives that grip them to the road in wet conditions and this also provides enough stiffness to retain their shape in the heat.

Do performance tyres wear faster?

There are a number of factors that can affect how long your tyres will last, such as driving style, where you drive and the climate. Performance tyres will typically have a shorter life span than regular, cheaper alternative tyres. Performance tyres are made from softer rubber to provide better grip, but this means that they wear down much quicker. On average, the standard tyre will last around 40,000 miles. In comparison, you can expect about 20,000 miles from your performance tyres. They last much shorter as they are made from softer materials.

Should I have performance tyres?

To know whether or not to have performance tyres, you should consider your priorities when driving. Different drivers have different expectations of your vehicle, this will affect whether or not it is worth you buying performance tyres. Here are somethings to consider:

  • First and foremost, are you looking for precise handling with improved grip and responsiveness?
  • Do you mind making minor sacrifices to have superior road control? Performance tyres will impact your gas mileage, ride comfort and tyre lifespan
  • Are you wanting a heightened driving experience, rather than just travelling from point A to B?
  • Are you willing to pay more? In most cases, performance tyres will cost more than standard tyres

Longbridge Tyres

If you are looking for performance tyres in Birmingham or Solihull, Longbridge Tyres are here to help. Here at Longbridge Tyres, we not only supply the finest performance tyres, but also use state of the art wheel balancing machines to guarantee precision. We have nearly 25 years of experience in providing new and performance tyres to customers in Birmingham and Solihull. To get in touch with us, call us on 0121 457 7582 or fill out our online contact form.

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